Conclusion to this blog research and onto more extensive reading

Currently this is where I have come to a stop on my research but there will be more materials and deeper thoughts that will be filtered and reorganised to be presented on my essay paper. For now I  to conclude this blog research with the following.

Manga have adjusted the course of the comic book industry, by making it an imperative column in each economy. Likewise these sharp plots and drawings have changed the general way to deal with comic book story composing and plan until the end of time.

Having entertained various eras throughout the years, Manga considerably affects the worldwide group in different viewpoints. These funnies helped in forming our identities, building up our creative abilities, widening our points of view, upgrading our imagination, enhancing our general learning and refining our qualities, morals, ethics and standards. Manga is genuinely one of humanity’s most prominent manifestations and the pride of each Japanese and the entire world.

For the case on is manga superior to anything of it’s foreign counterparts? This is clearly, an inquiry which is altogether subjective, notwithstanding I am of the feeling that they all  have their qualities and shortcomings. It can’t be said for beyond any doubt which is better, in light of the fact that inside the speculations. Both play the same role of inspiring ,entertaining and teaching the next generation while keeping the tradition alive. Today in modern society it can be seen as a medium of vast communication to establish bonds between nations where everyone is not limited to the language of their mother tongue as illustrated figures will solve that issue.



Conclusion to this blog research and onto more extensive reading

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