Whats the difference?


So how are manga and foreign comics different?

Some differences have been noted earlier in the previous post but there’s more that the denotes the differences between these different form of comics. Starting from it’s Asian adaptations.



Japanese manga

  • Originates from Japan
  • Japanese mythology for background and stories
  • Multi-panel format is read from right to left
  • Almost always black and white




Korean Manhwa

  • Originates from Korea, mostly South-Korea. (Cause North Korea is busy doing propaganda art)
  • influenced by the dramatic modern history of Korea and mythology.
  • Format is horizontal, left to right and can be vertical, right to left and top from bottom.




Chinese Manhua

  • Originates from China and is exclusive for China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
  • Historic tradition of Chinese cartooning
  • A third way manhua is utilized is to depict Chinese types of visual story which are like funnies yet are have not generally been portrayed all things considered(Stember,2014).
  • Format is in Full colour and single issue
  • Another form of Chinese visual narrative
  • Comic story based of Chinese mythology and cultural practices and emphasises on it strongly.
  • ‘Influences’ from western and manga or much rather copies.(reference to picture above)


Finally we come to examine the difference between western comic and manga.

There is a major contrast in craftsmanship styles between Manga, which is more adapted (misrepresented) and American funnies, which have a tendency to be more “practical”(Russell, 2006) . There are likewise a significant number genuine contrasts between the two sorts of funnies. A portion of the distinctions, just to specify a couple of them are the cost, creation, assorted crowd and classifications, presentation and even size.


American/Western Comic


  • Western comics are aimed more towards children and teenagers in mind while manga is approached by a much wider audience due to its large demographic and genres.
  • Western comics are driven in dedicating a full-page spreads to action while manga tends to dedicate towards full-page spreads to emotional reactions.
  • The panel layout is also different in manga, with panels that read from right to left.
  • Darker topics and concepts are the main subject to be explored by western artist, thou more commonly known for its family-friendly superhero genre. Manga, however, is more comfortable exploring suggestive material due to their culture which allows them to be more liberal in exploring sexuality than most Americans.
  • The establishing shot for western comics is centered to occupy the first scene in the comic unlike manga. Also western comics don’t portray their characters in dramatic angles like how they do it in films unlike Manga which is known for its cinematic storytelling and format.
  • Western comics are graphic novels where the stories and visuals don’t necessarily sync with the dialogue and visual action. Manga opposes all that.



Nick Stember, 2014.DON’T CALL IT ‘MANGA’: A SHORT INTRO TO CHINESE COMICS AND MANHUA. [ONLINE]. Available at http://www.nickstember.com/dont-call-manga-short-introduction-chinese-comics-manhua/. [Accessed on 24 June 2016].

Michael Russell , 2006.Comic Books – Japanese Manga vs American Comics [ONLINE]. Available at http://ezinearticles.com/?Comic-Books—Japanese-Manga-vs-American-Comics&id=206944. [Accessed on 23 June 2016].

Whats the difference?

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