The Man who Spearheaded Manga and the work that inspired the World

Tezuka and how has his work influenced the world.


Osamu Tezuka

Osamu Tezuka was born in 1928 Japan. During his second year of elementary school, he started his own manga and he had a collection of Walt Disney (mickey mouse) and Max Fleischer (superman cartoons) productions which was responsible for influencing him into drawing his own manga and for the path he will lead later in life.

During his teenager year, Tezuka almost lost his arms to an infection which drove him to decision of studying medicine in order to help others as his doctor helped him. During his time in medical school he sold his first manga, a four-panel series called ‘Diary of Ma-chan’ to a newspaper company known as Osaka children’s newspaper. That was his first step into the manga industry.

Graduating from medical school, he did not follow through the path of a doctor but rather he devoted himself to manga after consulting his parents but his medical knowledge was not wasted as it became the inspiration and material for his work ‘Blackjack’.

Tezuka’s greatest works

Osamu Tezuka has created a lot of manga series. Sources say his complete composition includes over 700 volumes with more than 150,000 pages (Wikipedia,2016). Some of his notable works are as the following.

*Note that what you are about to see are anime intros but relevant to the fact that they are manga adaptations before being produced as an animated series.



First published in 1952 and later an anime adaptation while keeping the same classic art style as the original manga but was modernized with smoother animation and visuals. Astro Boy follows the adventures of a robot by the same name and a handful of other characters.



The Black Jack manga was first published in 1973 where it was mostly influenced from his own past (stated in his brief history) where a injured child was rescued from near death by a doctor, Black Jack decides to become a doctor himself and later became an unlicensed surgeon who has miraculous talent. The story involves the main character doing some good deed, often without recognition, curing the poor for free, or putting down some life lessons.


The Kimba manga was first published in 1950 and later the anime was produced in 1965. Known as the “Japanese Lion King” as it was heavily influenced with Disney’s Lion King.



Published in 1967 the Phoenix was a story of life and death that he began in the 1950s and continued until his death. It was Tezuka’s life work which consisted of 12 books, each of which tells a separate, self-contained story and takes place in a different era where the plots go back and forth from a remote sci-fi future to prehistoric times.



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The Man who Spearheaded Manga and the work that inspired the World

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