Japonisme Back in Time

Previously mentioned, contents of Japonisme are a major influence on the development of Art Nouveau and Cubism, Here are some other notable figures in the field of art who been influenced by Japonisme. Note the elements taken from Japanese art by these western artists.


Vincent Van Gogh

He incorporated elements of ukiyo-e into his style. In many cases, he openly copied ukiyo-e. Van Gogh once said that Impressionists are “the Japanese of France”.


 (Japanese painting in the background)

Toulouse Lautrec

Lautrec was known as one of the paramount painters of the Post-Impressionist period who incorporated elements that can be found in Japanese art. Such as exaggerated eye expressions into his work.



(Japanese work)


 (Toulouse Lautrec’s work)

James Tissot

A French painter who experimented with Japonisme where he included Japanese related items and themes into his work.



Edgar Degas

Another Impressionist artist who incorporates Japanese compositional principles into his work.


William Merritt Chase

An American Impressionist painter who numerous of his works exhibit an uncanny Japanese aesthetic sense.


Edmund Charles Tarbell

An American Impressionist painter who was influenced by Japanese Aesthetics.


George Hendrik Breitner

A Dutch painter and photographer who’s painting of the Girl in Red Kimono was considered a high point of the Japonisme movement.



 Édouard Manet

Manet was one of the founders of Impressionism while his style was influenced by Japanese art.




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Japonisme Back in Time

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