The conclusion

I forgot to add this on to my earlier post which has to do with the population and cultural factors which has to with people moving towards the modern approach but here it is .


The modern media has its foundations built on traditional media and definitely has improved services and caters to the generations born in the era of technology. They key success, if modern media is to ever succeed in taking over traditional media, is advanced technology of  the internet. Although social networking through new media has increased crime rates, false information being spread and bias groups are on the run, it is one of the shortcomings that can be eradicated. With technology, new media has definitely exceeded the abilities of traditional media as an advertising alternative and smoothed the process of gathering concrete information for news articles. Ease in obtaining information and flexibility has also encouraged traditional media followers to convert to new media.


Reference list

Entertainment on the internet and in traditional media | The Swedes and the internet 2014. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 18 January 2016].

The conclusion

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