Self review


1) Essay choice (Topic 2 )
2) Identification of keywords and experts (tick )
3) Breakdown of the research domain and subtopics (tick )
4) Generation of related questions and short answers ( )
5) Identification of some assumptions and biases (tick )
6) Reviewing of the research literature (tick )
7) Experimental /creative exploration of the question ( )
8) Relate the question to other lecture topics or courses (tick )
9) Exploring possible thesis statements (tick )
10) Strategizing the essay structure or outline (tick )
11) Work schedule ( )
12) Reflections on or tutorial sessions, etc. (tick )
13) Summary of blog entries (tick )

I would say that this topic is quite broad and narrowing down the relevant information has been a challenge for me as various sources and research materials would tend to point me in a couple of different directions but sticking to the tutorial notes from class, I managed to organise my research which in return made me to post my contents later for proper content and reanalyzing my own work.

Self review

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