I’m back


Greetings and salutations dear readers.

I’m back and tackling a new topic which is related to my current studies on Internet culture. The question I have chosen is question number 2 which is to trace and examine the history of a media revolution that occurred before the arrival of the internet. Consider relevant parallels or differences between the two forms of media revolutions.

For the next couple of entries I will be posting my thoughts and research on the current topic and hopefully both myself and the readers will be able to pick up something informational and beneficial about media as it’s not really the easiest thing to define as it has got a long history to begin with.

I will be breaking my research down in to a couple of major sections excluding some sub sections which I will fill in between these major ones:

  1. Definition of media
  2. The 3 revolutions of media
  3. Brief history of the internet
  4. Differences between both media revolutions
  5. Conclusion

More from me in the next couple of days.

I’m back

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