How are we adapting to this event?

Charlie Hebdo carries on production of satire news and visuals to show that freedom of thought and speech is not suppressed by the extremists efforts.

Despite all that has been done by the extremist group’s effective use of the design industry, countries against them all around the world are countering their efforts by utilising their own countries design industry sectors. After the attack on France, the publication of the satire magazine by Charlie Hebdo continues as an act of oppression and a sign that the French are not petrified by the events and will continue to express their freedom of speech through art and publication.


A Japanese ‘meme’ in respond to the video by the extremist towards them

Japan countered with a more physiological method of warfare against the extremist group by attacking them with ‘memes’. A meme acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols, or practices that can be transmitted from one mind to another through various imagery or speech. This show that the Japanese have embraced their losses but are not weakened by the extremists true intention of demoralising them and managed to make the best out of the situation by creating a little sense of humour for the people within the heat of the moment.

The United States and various other NATO countries directly fighting back with their own propaganda videos and other methods that require those in the industry to win back the hearts and minds of their people in order to dwindle the number new extremist groups recruits. Military recruitment visuals and videos are created with better content to attract locals to join up and go against them in the war against the extremist groups. Media coverage in combat also helps to show the world what their military is against the extremist group, helping bring up the morale of the people and weaken the enemies.

Speaking of the media in this war effort, countries such as Russia and Malaysia have their copyrighting and media divisions in taking effort to monitor and filter the contents while censoring the contents that are publicized by the extremist group to avoid them from further manipulating the minds of the people. A clampdown by tech companies, as well as online campaigns waged by hacktivists, have made this method of communication and propaganda distribution more difficult.


Social media platforms admins and user ought to do the same by sharing the right information keeping on a look out for members of the extremist group conducting any online propaganda. Users are advised to report to the admins and notify the authorities if any action is seen where actions will be taken. Talking on Social media, Australian has made use of the hashtag trend to re-establish the connection with Muslims who are afraid to show themselves after the attack with the tag #illridewithyou where non-Muslim Australians will ride along Muslim citizens on public transportation. This campaign was a success as this cleared the fear among Muslims from being branded under the same name as the extremist group and prevents islamaphopia and irrational hatred among the non-Muslim citizens while managing to inspire other countries to follow the trend.

How are we adapting to this event?

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