how effective was the extremist group use of the design industry on it’s enemies?

Many different parts of the world have been victims where their successful advertising and branding have managed to bring people’s attention and motivate them to commit towards a purpose that is well set up and delivered by the extremist group. One famously known event that tooked place in France was the Charlie Hebdo Shooting which took place on the morning of 7 January 2015 where two extremist attacked the office of the French satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris and as the result of the attack, 11 people are killed and several more wounded. After the attack, people of France questioned about their freedom to express through art and design was being suppressed .

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Police rushing towards the hostage scene in Australia

In Australia, a similar scenario took place on the 15-16 December 2014 where a highly motivated extremist via the extremist group’s propaganda videos and social media connections with the extremist members took and executed hostages in a café located in downtown Sydney.

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Captured Jordanian pilot in one of the extremist propaganda torture videos


Japanese citizen captured by extremist on public news in Japan

Japan has also been a victim of the extremist group. A propaganda video prepared with a Hollywood style cinematic setting by them where two Japanese journalist were executed which made a massive impact on the people of Japan triggering all sort of emotions including fear, anger and sadness which is what the extremist group wants. Jordanian citizens underwent the similar scenario where a captured pilot was brutally executed but before he is so, the pilot is taken to see the bodies of dead people which the extremist group portrays them as the innocent people which the pilot has killed through the bombs he dropped and will pay for their death in the most gruesome way. This video not only affected the citizens of Jordan but those in the middle east too where they are moved by the death of their own and later motivated by the fact the video shows even the world’s best military force is vulnerable, giving them a sign of hope and to join the extremist groups cause.

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The Extremist groups effective use of social media can be seen somewhere closer to home. In Malaysia, cybercrime division and authorities have managed to arrest at least 29 alleged supporters of the extremist group where they use social media to connect with the extremist group counterparts and carry out online activities, such as planning and plotting attacks on Kuala Lumpur. Their social media platform has also managed to recruit Muslim Malaysians to join them.

how effective was the extremist group use of the design industry on it’s enemies?

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