How did the Extremist Take Over the Design Industry part 2


Extremist group social media page

Of course videos weren’t the only modern method of propaganda delivery they utilized from the design industry. Today the social media platform is widely used just by anyone who has a device that allows them to have access to the World Wide Web in which connects them to people from different parts of the world. The people of the modern day design industry of course took  the first step in Electronic advertising as an alternative to old fashioned methods and developed it over the years. It’s a tool that provides users the means to build, mix and promote community engagement, conversation and user-generated material. You can also share content, such as blogs, & link them all together.


Extremist member on social media

Why Social Media? Well now you can tell millions about your products and services in record fast time. You can spread your message far and wide or you do as we prefer to highly target your lead generation we prefer quality leads who will potentially turn in to happy clients for repeat business as opposed to as scatter gun approach.

For example:

YouTube allows you to: Rank well with its owner Google. With video marketing you can really amplify your message. You can also increase your brand awareness. Another serious benefit is that you can Laser target your audience. Get away from the clutter and noise of the internet and use YouTube’s huge lead generation potential with appealing, informative videos with a call for action maybe in the annotation as you see here or in the description. You have access to some very cost effective marketing with lower cost videos.

Twitter allows you to: Get instant feedback from your followers, if they don’t like something you tweet that will soon let you know! A social media policy is essential for businesses even a one person business. We think the first point of any social policy should be if so much as a drop of alcohol has passed your lips turn your twitter off. Twitter also allows you to quickly and easily identify those who want to engage personally with you and your brand.

You can discuss topics of the day, best to keep to your specialist subject. If the like what they read in your tweet others will Re tweet your messages but we feel it is best to retweet others first before seeking retweets from others.

Facebook ‘s Sheer Volume makes Facebook hard to ignore and it’s highly personalized messages are able to be left there with many even going so far as telling what they have eaten for breakfast and putting a picture of their said breakfast up fro all to see. Bless them!

Facebook has a wall for you & others to paste material on. You have an option of having both a Personal & a company page. On Facebook you also have the advantage of being able to use Multiple keyword optimized pages. Do it right and you will have a strong audience retention, and a solid advertising platform.

Google dominates the internet, so it makes the rules: Google is the worlds most used search engine so common sense tells you to be there. They deliver relevant content. Influencers are there who might miss you elsewhere.

Google Plus also enables group meetings, conversations, or demonstrations. It allows for longer discussions to build relationships

The extremist group used that to their advantage and published their propaganda on mainstream social media platforms like Facebook, Tumbler, Instagram and Twitter. While they managed to reach to many people, admins and sever maintainers have disrupt their efforts by removing all related content they publish. But this doesn’t stop them as they again turn to the industry and developed an app specifically for their cause. It is an Arabic-language Twitter app that’s called ‘The Dawn of Glad Tidings’ where thousands of their followers installed it. This app allows the extremist group members to use their accounts to send out centrally written updates. Released simultaneously, the messages swamp social media, giving them a far larger online reach. The Dawn app acts as a medium to pumps out news of their advances, gory images, or their new videos. As the number of members grew, so does the name of the extremist group being the most distinguishable around the world.


An extremist user using twitter to post death threats to US soldiers

 It’s also the job of a designer to find what the people want or the trend of the season to gain and capture more interest. In 2010, Twitter introduced “Trending Topics” on the Twitter front page, displaying hashtags that are rapidly becoming popular. The use of hashtags to focus-group messaging and branding concepts is very well known to be used in companies today. Now other social media networks have picked it up and worldwide searching for hashtags including the Dawn of Glad Tiding app. Members repetitively tweet hashtags at certain times of day so that they trend on the social network making the extremist group popular. Retweets of existing tweets only helps makes the hashtag trend more and as it gains traction, more users are exposed to ISIS’s messaging. As a result of these strategies, and others, they are able to project strength and promote engagement online.

Social media platforms are really platforms that allows user to do just about anything, even branding an extremist group.

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How did the Extremist Take Over the Design Industry part 2

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