How did the Extremist take over the design industry Part 1


The extremist didn’t take it over, more like they finally understand the true power of the industry and pushed it to the max resulting in effective propaganda and audience gathering for their cause. We see brands in the making every day; either new brands for start-ups, or redesigns for long established companies. However, seeing the branding of a dangerous and powerful Extremist group right before our eyes is something all graphic designers should take note of.

The use of videos, direct mailers, online social media marketing, and more were used for commercials on everyday matters. Helping boost up sales, recognition of an established company and spreading the news to the whole world. The design Industry was recognized for just that by majority but through history, we can see the real power of the industry. The extremist group we are speaking about today merely created a new impact, they just learn from the past and adopted it to present times.


Back when Al Qaeda, another Extremist group which had the spotlight before the extremist group today took over, videos were their method of propaganda. Thou it was an effective  media to propel their message to the world, their videos were filmed using poor equipment and lacked delivery power thus making their propaganda only effective on a small scale.  Today however there’s a real plot to them, a story designed to exonerate the new extremist group’s barbarism while painting its enemies as the real evil which is proven with the high number of recruits and influenced individuals on attacking the groups enemies abroad. To back it up, it’s said professional designers who are skilled in their field are applying design elements such professional editing techniques as well as animation and effects in their work making it more appealing for viewings to fall for it and get hooked easily.

The use of multiple language was by far the greatest application to their videos, widening the target audience range and scripting of speech. The use of powerful words to influence or to give a sense of purpose to those who don’t have one, sort of like delivering your Single Minded Purpose Message to your clients and target audience in the coperate world.  isis-k2

A video propaganda by the extremist group where the use of a child to show that anyone can join their cause and can learn from young while the use of russian and english subtitles can be seen for the use of targetting audience in Europe and Western Sectors of the world 


Movies are the best way to strike your target audience. Whether if its a motivational movie or a patriotic movie like the just recent released of Lone Survivor and American Sniper, the message of the movie is delivered in the most visually elaborated way and usually and effectively motivates, inspires and educate us. The extremist group spared no expenses and made their own movies. As far as anyone knows, the extremist group  has came up with their own Hollywood style movie productions titled’ The Clanging of Swords IV’ and ‘The Flames of War’. Again the design industry plays it’s role in creating these movies. Vice Journalist Aris Roussino said that “its high-quality equipment that they’re actually very technically skilled at using, in a way that the other rebels aren’t”. The people making these videos are good at what they do and so far its again proven effective as right after the movie was released, a day after an invasion happened and the defense force protecting that captured area claim to have fled in fear of being their victims after watching the movie with it’s visually elaborated message that the extremist are coming for them


The opening title for the Extremist made movie

Many of their videos have been made over the time they started till today and countries are doing their best by censoring or removing them from the people to avoid being brain washed by the extremist’s video propaganda effort. Malaysia and Russia are adapting to the situation by having their own design industry where the censorship and copyrighting along with media industry to fully eradicate any content that may come from them to target their people to join their cause.

How did the Extremist take over the design industry Part 1

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