The chosen Topic

With months of research, late hours of working and after many consultation with my subject lecturer on the few given topics for my Critical and Cultural Studies assignment ,I have set my mind on the following essay topic of and it is on the study about the impact of a social trend, event or invention on the development of design practices today and how has graphic design takes part for these changes. Also how the Graphic Design Industry is adapting towards these changes.

Reason why I chosen this particular topic is due to the fact there has been a very strong subject matter that will back me up on this topic which I will share in my next post as the introduction to my essay and the fact that these info are new and still in development all around the world which some are answered and some still unanswered ,giving me the chance to voice out my own personal opinions on it.

Along the month of August beginning from today, I will be posting section by section on my development of this case study that I have chosen till the submission date where it will be fully completed .

Dean Signing out for now.

The chosen Topic

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